Not Quite Where The Tigers Were | album cover



Youtube Hell | designer, curator
No One Cares About Your Dead Mum |
publication, author, designer
Redbrick House
 graphic designer
These Satanic Times |
publication, posters
The Things That Matter Most |
What We Repeatedly Do |
short film
Stuck! | publication
Penn Story
 text, illustration
Let’s Celebrate the Philosophy of Language! | short film


RITUAL | typography, poster
The History of Scotland | logo
Your Safety Is My Punchline | zine
The Shit Version Of My Photography Blog | zine
Despair! At The Costco | logo
Different Voices For Different People | album cover, musician, producer
EDS Type VI | publication
The Shipping Forecast | short film, sound piece
Night of the Creeps | poster, redesign


Refugees | print, tote bags, collaboration with Chloe Docchar
Build-A-Bite | menu, identity
SPACE | zine
relax, you’re on holiday | sound piece, packaging
Welcome To Canada | photography, design
The History of England / Anglo Saxons | logos
Shaking Still | album cover, musician, producer
Live from the Bedroom | short documentary, collaboration with Kirtis Clarke, Tom Camp, and Charlie Allen
The End of the Beginning | poster


Bikes and Riders | typography, redesign
GRIEF: A Guide
| book
Change the world in a day | poster


Brighton Arts Club | poster
Circus Lonely | album cover, musician, producer
Calvin & Hobbes Out of Context | photography, collage