Album Covers

As a graphic designer, I’ve worked on multiple album covers, both for my own music and for Nestor Middleton. I thought it’d be convenient to, as well as each of them having their own individual page, collect them all in one place.

NQWTTWcoverNot Quite Where The Tigers Were // Nestor Middleton (2018) // Coming soon

4songepExhaustion // Little Brother (2017) // Download here

Processed with MOLDIV
Different Voices For Different People // Nestor Middleton (2016) // Download here

shast copy 5 Shaking Still // Little Brother (2015) // Download here 

EPi wrote these instrumentals and never knew what to do with them and also my hands are cold // Little Brother (2015) // Download here

cooelleCircus Lonely // Little Brother (2013) // Download here