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I am a graphic designer from Brighton, currently based in Bristol. I’ve worked with print, sound, photography, video, and digital media. I am currently a volunteer for PAPER Arts at Redbrick House.

My work often has a strong narrative element, from the handmade children’s book ‘GRIEF: A Guide (2013), to the fictional newspaper ‘These Satanic Times‘ (2017).

My design work is sometimes known for it’s DIY punk aesthetic, incorporating collage, film photography, and liberal use of a photocopier, and it’s this style that let to my opportunity to design the logo for ‘Despair! At the Costco‘, a Long Beach, California-based student radio show in 2016. More of this style of work can be seen throughout my blog.

Outside of design, I have a personal interest in music, style, photography, philosophy, pop and queer culture (and how the two intertwine), and writing. My dissertation, ‘The Undermining of Dead Mothers in Contemporary Visual Culture’ earned me a First for the Visual Culture element of my Graphic Design degree.

You can drop me an email at emaxharris@gmail.com

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Work Featured at:

BABE / Bristol Artists Book Event| 2017 / Arnolfini
Odd World | 2017 / The Surrey Vaults
BCZF / Bristol Comic & Zine Fair | 2015 / The Station
The End of the Beginning | 2015 / The Cube Microplex (also co-organiser)


BCZF / Bristol Comic & Zine Fair 2017 | With Jade Innes. Come say hi!

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