GRIEF: A Guide


GRIEF: A Guide was the final major project for my Foundation degree I completed in 2014.

It’s presented in two ‘chapters’: What does grief feel like, and what can you do to alleviate it, even temporarily?

Every page was hand made, using a mixture of illustration, linoprints, collage, and photography, ring bound to A6. Only one copy exists.

On the opening night of the Foundation degree show, multiple people sought me out personally to talk about the book, and the way that moved them. When I spoke to my graphic design tutor about this, I was informed that no other project had ever gotten this kind of reaction. One woman cried. It was an overwhelming experience. I think, especially, it had something to do with the physicality of the book, the fact that it was something small, and the fact that you could feel the texture of every page, of the paint, of the glue. It was an imperfect little thing, and it made an big impact.

My mother died in September 2013, one month into my Foundation year.