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EDS Type VI is a publication about my frustration with living with an ‘invisible’ disability, and the feeling of being ‘othered’ in a society that mistreats disabled people, whilst also not being recognised as ‘one of them’.

The photos and written commentary are mine, and pull together a narrative throughout. I also included both the rights given to disabled people, and news stories where these rights are violated in the UK, to give the narrative context.

As the narrative goes on, the facts I give about myself become a little darker, revealing the everyday realities of living with a condition that comes with chronic pain, and the frustration those with EDS can feel. The final image, which I originally included in the draft version as a joke, because I was annoyed at the way my project was going and wasn’t receiving the feedback I wanted, is of my sticking up my middle finger, semi-aimed at my tutor at the time. To my surprise, my tutor loved it, and asked me to keep it in. A narrative of personal resentment and sometimes pain, alongside news stories of abuse of those with disabilities, with a ‘fuck you’ right at the end.

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